The 8th International Armament Fair "Partner" opens

At the Belgrade Fair, the 8th International Armament Fair "Partner" has been ceremonially opened. After the screening of the film about the novelties of the Serbian defence industry, opening the fair, the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, pointed out that he was convinced that "Partner" was an important event for presenting the capabilities of the Serbian defence industry, and that an increasing number of foreign delegations and exhibitors speaks about the fact that this event was really becoming a prestigious one.

- I personally believe that the Fair can be held on an annual basis, because it is an opportunity to establish important business partnerships and important contacts for business development, but also for the development and improvement of our economy and economy of other countries, because today the defence industry does not serve only as a support to the defence of the country, but also as a means and tool for improving the economy and provide a better standard of living for the citizens, President Vučić said and reminded that Serbia, having recognised these reasons, invested EUR 126 million to defence industry in the period from 2014 to 2016.
He pointed out that several new factories and plants have been built, and that the arms and weapons are constantly improving. 
- Many laughed when I first showed the "Šumadija" missiles, and today, when we open the launcher for these missiles, people will smile with joy that we still managed in a relatively short period of time to do such a job, the President of Serbia said and added that the government decided to invest this year, as well, EUR 49.9 million in the factories of our defence industry, apart from the factories’ own investments.
Aleksandar Vučić pointed out that amendments to the law, that have already been prepared by the Ministry of Defence, will be an important step forward in the future allowing, in the forthcoming period, the arrival of foreign companies and their share in our defence industry of up to 49 %. 
- We will be able to accept foreign knowledge and foreign wisdom, as well as foreign capital, because Serbia has a tradition in the production of weapons and arms, and this industry is becoming one of the main drives of development of the Serbian economy and has significant contribution in the growth of the gross domestic product. Because, all the systems that you have seen, from the multiple missile launcher "Šumadija", with the range of 285 kilometres, new versions of self-propelled "Nora" gun-howitzer, and for the sake of improvement, we have developed a new system "Aleksandar", which you will be able to see today, as well as a 6,5 mm modular rifle, unmanned ground platform "Miloš" as well as other systems. All this new generation of weapons contributes to the greater defensive power of Serbia, but also to the progress of our economy.
The president said that the holders of this development are state-owned companies, but that they are not the only ones, and that there is an increasing number of private companies that are doing a great job in our country.
- With some of them we are participating in the development and sale of the largest part of the missiles, which I believe are very much in demand today all over the world, and we can develop them only with the knowledge of engineers from private companies so we work together with them, thus encouraging the development of both privately and state-owned businesses, planning the best possible results.
President Vučić announced that, after equipping the Police, "Lazar" and "Nora" will be part of the armaments of the Serbian Armed Forces, but that our desire is that these weapons be part of the armaments of many other friendly armies around the world. 
He expressed the position that it is crucial for Serbia that in the forthcoming period, as a country, it influences the development of scientific youth, those people who see their future in the work related to the defence industry, in which there is always plenty of work to do. 
We started to hire new people at the Technical Overhaul Institute, just as we will increase our strength by 1948 soldiers, which shows that we certainly have vacancies for our military as well as for engineers of all professions who wish to improve and upgrade their knowledge, and we in turn to get people for the future, with whom we expect to produce new arms and weapons using their knowledge and skills, and who will participate in the modernization of the existing ones.
- It seems to me that the public had opportunity to see first-hand the accomplishments of the Serbian industrial complex in the successfully completed exercise "Steel", and today already, a month and a half after that exercise, we would be able to show much more arms and weapons, the President of the Republic said and wished all the successful realisation of the planned activities, with the belief that next year we will overturn all records, when it comes to the presence of foreign delegations, because, he added, there is an increasing interest in our knowledge and skills in the world.
- I am confident that it is in our defence industry where the future lies and, in two or three days already, I will take part in the opening of an ammunition factory in Uzići, which every citizen of Serbia can be proud of, President Vučić said. 
"Partner" - International Fair of Arms and Military Equipment, is held at the Belgrade Fair every second year, at the end of June. The sponsor of the event is the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, and it is held in organisation of Yugoimport SDPR Company and the Belgrade Fair.
The aim of the event is to present arms and military equipment - complex artillery and rocket systems, modern small arms and ammunition, combat armoured vehicles, electronic equipment, light aircraft, new radars, various simulators, protective ballistic equipment, combat patrol boats and others. 
The International Fair of Arms and Military Equipment is visited by numerous high-level delegations from around the world, as well as representatives of NATO, the European Defence Agency, defence attaches and other international military and security organisations.


Partner – International Fair of Defense Systems and Equipment, for the sixth time in Belgrade, from June 2013, will be the opportunity for business networking of the exhibitors and visitors, for demonstration of technological achievements and exchange of knowledge.

The changed technological and manufacturing capabilities, the changed relationships between the existing stakeholders and appearance of new ones in the market, and new knowledge impose the need for new encounters between the exhibitors and visitors of the PARTNER Fair of Armaments and Defense Equipment, and the regional character of the event offers the opportunity for a comprehensive presentation of anda detailed insight in the potentials and requirements of the participants.


PARTNER 2013 should overgrow the so-far and corroborate the growing capacities and requirements of the markets for items of armaments and defense equipment of Serbia and the counties of the Southeastern Europe as well as the need for their detailed and comprehensive presentation.


Scientific & research, developmental, overhauling, and ancillary institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia,manufacturers of armaments and defense equipment (ADE) from Serbia and abroad, trading and representativ


Ministry of Defense
of the Republic of Serbia

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia – Participation of the Ministry of Defense through the presentation of its own institutions and their capacities and requirements, contacts with foreign delegations, participants, visitors, media, and general public, and implementation of the plan of equipping of the Armed Forces of Serbia, make PARTNER an important link in the implementation of equipping of the Armed Forces of Serbia and in the offer of the items of armaments and defense equipment of the Serbian defense industry.



PARTNER is the venue of the largest and most comprehensive presentation of the results of developmental, integration, and foreign trading activities of the major stakeholder in the manufacture of and trade in items of armaments and defense equipment in Serbia and the Region and its numerous sub-suppliers.


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