About Us

The companies producing and selling arms, as well as entrepreneurs and experts in the field, will soon have the chance to attend the 11th International Armament and Military Equipment Fair – PARTNER 2023, which is held every other year at the Belgrade Fair. This will be another opportunity for arms and military equipment manufacturers to present their products, make new contacts and renew the existing ones, establish cooperation with new clients, and position themselves in the important, valuable and dynamic South-East European and global market.

PARTNER 2023 is sponsored by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, whose goal is to present the scientific, research, experimental, repair and educational capabilities of its institutions on the one hand and the demand from the Serbian Armed Forces on the other hand, resulting in a large number of participants including respectable foreign exhibitors, as well as domestic manufacturing companies and agencies interested in establishing commercial, scientific and technical cooperation.

As in previous years, the 11th Armament and Military Equipment Fair is co-sponsored by PE Yugoimport SDPR - a regional leader in the production, integration and promotion of weapons and military equipment and a highly esteemed arms dealer on the global market. Yugoimport SDPR is responsible for equipping the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia with domestically produced and imported complex systems.

PARTNER 2023 is hosted by the Belgrade Fair, a trade fair services provider with a tradition of more than eight decades, offering exhibition facilities with a gross area of 100,000 m², and a reliable collaborator co-organizing the most prestigious and complex events, such as the PARTNER Armament and Military Equipment Fair.

In addition to being a business event, PARTNER 2023 will also have a promotional purpose - the media and a wider public will be presented with state-of-the-art weapons and military equipment, with a large number of innovations.